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Paul Gervis

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary British Sculptor
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Sculptor Paul Gervis
Paul Gervis

About Paul Gervis

He is a British sculptor who has lived and worked in Columbia for 40 years where he runs a pottery of international repute, a sculpture school, and farms. His skill at interpreting the human form, particularly children and teenagers at rest and play, is exquisite

Exhibition History of Paul Gervis

2002- Firstly exhibited with ArtParks Guernsey.

Since the has had in all 3 further one man exhibitions and as participated in many more.

Has a permanent exhibition in a sculpture park round his pottery workshop/factory

1995 - First one man exhibition in Bogota

Biography / CV of Paul Gervis

Born in 1933, educated in Winchester and Cambridge on going down from Cambrdige in 1957, worked in advertising with Colman, Prentice and Varley in London, Married in 1959, and posted to Colombia in 1961, Joined Yardley in 1964 and was general Manager of Yardley Colombia until 1974.

Appointed to the main board in London in 1974, 1976 returned to Colombia while remaining on the board to run North and South America. During this periood, spent much of his spare time between business trips making pots and small scale sculptures. Left the Company in 1981 and set up a pottery in Bogota selling a wide range of hand decorated stoneware and slipware casts of his sculptures beginning with a seriesof about 50 small figures "The Children of Colombia" slip cast 40 of each child which all sold.

In 1984 started a sculpture school in Bogota. 1994 opened large gallery for the expanding pottery range, for his wife`s slipware and oil paintings, his own sculptures and local craft work. At the same time, started producing life size sculptures in clay fired to Stoneware temperatures with resin patinas. These have always been exhibited in the garden of his gallery and periodically in special exhibitions.

At the same time, wrote some eight musical reviews and directed them for the English language theatre group in Bogota. 1997 started exporting his pottery and Colombia crafts and furniture. 2000 started work on his current sculpture venture "The party in the Empty Garden"

Artist Statement of Paul Gervis

His sculptures combine realism, Comedy and sensuality, and inspired by Manet`s Dejeurner sur l`herbe his mean are clothed and his woman and children most often naked. They are also "alive". Far from posing elegantly on a pedestal in art school poses, they are flirting, arguing, drinking, and the children are cycling, swinging on tyres or fishing

Price Range of Work

Paul Gervis's work has a price range from £850 to £16,667

Mediums utilised

Paul Gervis's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Paul Gervis's work is found in the following categories on site:
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures (12)
Nudes, Female Sculptures (9)
Females Women Girls Ladies Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (8)
Human Figurative Sculptures (7)
Children Playing Sculptures or Statues or statuettes (5)
Nude sculpture statue statuette Figurine Ornament (5)
Children Child Babies Infants Toddlers Kids Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines (5)
Nude Garden Yard Outdoor Outside Sculptures Statues (4)
Unselfconscious Relaxed Nude sculpture (3)
Portrait Sculptures / Commission or Bespoke or Customised Sculptures (3)
Little Small Nude or Naked Girls Women Ladies Females Sculpture Statue statuettes Figurines (3)
Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines Sculptures (2)
Contemplative, Restful, Thougtful Sculptures (2)
Teenagers Sculptures statuettes Portraits figurines commissions etc (2)
Happiness / Joy / Exuberance / Wild Pleasure sculpture (2)
Interior, Indoors, Inside Sculpture (2)
Dogs Sculpture
Couples or Group Sculptures
Male Men Youths Masculine Statues Sculptures statuettes figurines
Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues
Sensuous Sexy Erotic (Nude Naked Girls Females Women Ladies)
Proud of Pride In Self Confidence sculpture statue statuette
Animals in General Sculptures Statues
Reserved Reticent Aloof Withdrawn Introspective Calm sculpture statue statuette
Poolside Sculptures
Farewell Goodbye Parting Au Revoir Adieu Sculptures Statues carvings statuettes figurines

ArtParkS Sculpture Park Yearly exhibitions

Paul Gervis's work has been exhibited at the following yearly exhibitions held at the ArtParkS sculpture park:
2012 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2011 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2010 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2009 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2008 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2005 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
2004 ArtParkS Sculpture Park Exhibition
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Dear Peter

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Once again, our buying experience has been absolutely first class – both in our dealings with you and Sarah at Art Parks and with the individual sculptors directly.

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